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27-Nov-2017 04:58

Originally written mostly by Nemesis][ - (Black Nemesis), with a little help from The Rose (this classic FAQ dates back to the early 90s; that old version is available here for historical purposes) revised June 2003 by Diver [email protected] with a little help from [email protected] ** Hint: This is an advanced subject.If you are looking for a quick bot, without being willing to take the time to learn, then you might as well stop reading now.Although the most commonly accepted definition of an IRC bot is “an unmanned chat-client which idles on a channel and responds automatically to predefined events”.A group of bots which are linked together is called a network or botnet.A good little script to provide a configurable Amarok now playing string. gui configuration via the menu and auto-announce on song change. It can also be set to only auto-anounce on certain channels. bash NN" will show quote NN (where NN is a numb First written by Craig Andrews for IRSSI (here)- converted with permission for X-Chat. Bot users DCC chat or telnet into a bot and then can have conversations with other bot users on the same botnet, and not have to worry about server lag or splits.Although most bots are written and designed for peaceful purposes, there have been bots written and/or linked with malicious intent.

- Import m IRC ini menu - DCC/XDCC Search and auto-download - Parametric MACRO - Commands on Events (Events Manager System) - Advanced Function (if, then, This is an improved version of the script already uploaded to this site some time ago by Ethan Best ( I didn't like that it only showed the artist and the song, I also wanted it to display the album Un script simple de XChat que permite la interaccin entre Clementine y este cliente IRC, creado por varios en la comunidad, usa una estructura de comandos desde bash para obtener la informacion y mostrarla en XChat A modified version of the Clemetine now playing script which auto announces on song change in the channel in which it was created (no worrying about flooding other channels).

It allows XChat to perform any command based on what is said in either in the channel or privately, depending on who said the line, where the line was said, and what the speaker's channel status is.

This script can be used for a variety of purposes, such as channel management, additional logging, notification to an external device (as set by the other device), or simply for the fun of it! User commands: TDB or TEXTUALDYNAMBOT (no args) reload config TDB or TEXTUALDYNAMBOT same as tdbtest, but echos out command rather than executing it (see /help TDBECHO) Basic entry: [method:pattern] in: locations -in: locations (optional) from: users -from: users (optional) mode: modes (optional) -mode: modes (optional) capnum: limit (optional) captime: seconds (optional) capshared: enabled (optional) command: xchat command method One of: regex A regular expression. Use ^ at the beginning of the pattern to anchor it to the start of the message, $ at the end to anchor to the end of the message. Wildcards may be escapped by a \ (backslash) if the actual character is desired for [line:\?

Actions like setting the topic A wrapper for Megahal (Requires - much faster than the standalone binaries).

Gives AI capabilities to your client, auto-replies when its nick is mentioned, butts into conversations with its own wisdom.

Also fixed error handling if Clementine is not running. I found the C ones supplied with various versions of Xchat would frequently crash Xchat if a stray tab character got into them. Player has a chance to win a trophy if they beat the existing record.

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