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There are regularly scheduled SAGE activities, events, potlucks, performing and visual art outings, as well as other chances to meet with others to learn, laugh, understand, and share.

The SAGE Utah Advisory Committee is a volunteer council of SAGE constituent leaders who along with the SAGE Utah Program Director, Charles Lynn Frost, listen to and engage in dialogue with all of the various SAGE communities—with the aim of ensuring the most comprehensive and effective implementation in meeting the diverse needs of the aging Queer Community.

SALT LAKE CITY -- Ten years ago, we introduced you to Ben and Jessie Christensen, who married even though they both knew Ben was attracted to men. Nine and a half years into marriage, Ben left the church and his motivation to stay married faded. "She did better than I think most people would in that situation, but it was tough," Christensen said.

Ben and Jessie were both raised Mormon and were determined to live by LDS standards, bringing children into what they believed was their eternal family. Then, for the first time in his life, Ben started dating men.

We don’t have naked yoga, or at least none of us know about it.” (For the record: The Advocate counted one nude yoga class there, and one Mr. Salt Lake City was ranked higher than several cities many would presume to be gay-friendlier, like Denver, Austin, and Atlanta.

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Leather competition semifinalists and the presence of nude yoga classes. “I appreciate that there’s some humor in the selections, in the indices that were used, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves,” Larabee said. “We, like many of these communities, still have some issues that need to be addressed. SAGE Utah also offers multi-generational historical sharing, performing and visual arts mentoring.

Additionally, a series in sexual health and well-being, spiritual healing and recovery, caregiving and caregiver support, shifting the aging mindset, legal rights and benefits, intentional communities, resource sharing, time banks, and much more.

And contrary to popular belief, its quite liberal and agnostic.

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